You Can Rely On Me.

You Can Rely On Me…

You Can Rely On Me…

Don’t feel scared to open

your deepest feelings, thoughts,

your heart to me.

To express how you feel

in good or bad days

I’ll be there to listen to you

and to be there to support you

Don’t feel alone

You know life is tough

but it is even tougher when your alone

and you are not, because I’ll be here for you

Don’t think you can scare me

Just because you might have a bad day

that you will take it out on me

and send me away

I’m a little harder to get rid of

and if you show your feelings when you’re mad

then do take it out on me

Because I want to see you express your feelings to me.

One of the things that I love about you

is that you are not scared to express yourself to others

so don’t start with me

If there is anyone who wants to hear you…

that would be me.

Do you have any idea how important you are to me?

You should by now, since I tend to remind you.

You know I won’t hurt you

I worry about your feelings more than mine.

I know it’s hard for you

To really open yourself to anyone

It takes time for you

to develop the trust to open up to me.

Trust me…

even if you can’t do it now.

Trust that you will be able to trust me

even if you are not ready, I am


I’m very different from everyone you know

You know it too.

So don’t expect me to be like everyone who has let you down.

Because…I wont..

It’s that simply really.

Someday, one day, you will be able to trust me

whether that’s today or never doesn’t really matter.

I’ll wait for you to trust me

How can you know?

Just trust me to.

I will always be here And I don’t have any plans on going anywhere.

You Can Rely On Me…

In Your brightest And darkest times…

I’ll be the reason you stand…

So Don’t Look Around anymore

I’m Right here….


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